The Perfect Loaf 🍞 by Maurizio Leo

🍞 My New Year baking reset!

published3 months ago
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New Year, New Bread

Happy New Year, fellow bread devotee!

Ahh, the feeling of starting anew. It's a beautiful thing.

And with sourdough baking, we get to do that every day when we mix, don't you think?

If your bread yesterday wasn't so great, today is a new day, a new levain, a new mix.

To me, sourdough baking always seems fresh and exciting, with each new bake a new opportunity to improve or experiment. And with this new year, I'm starting with a little reset on the decadent holidays.

I'm going to be making pizza with a bit more whole grain, bread with lots of whole grains, long-fermented crackers, and some sweets, too, of courseβ€”we still need balance πŸ˜‰.

In this newsletter, I'm sharing with you a few of the healthier bakes I've done recently, so buckle up for lots of whole grains, seeds, and general healthy-ness.

🍞 Delicious seeded sourdough

If I'm being honest, I developed this ΓΌber-healthy pan loaf for my kiddos, but in the end, I find I'm eating it every day right alongside them.

The loaf has lots of whole grains, fiber, a seed & oat soaker (oats, chia, flax, sesame, sunflower, and pumpkin), and a touch of natural honey to bring a little sweetness.

Plus, using the tangzhong technique means it's super soft and has impressive keeping quality (it'll stay soft for a week, easily).


🍞 Spelt, rye, and whole wheat

With this one, I get a little philosophical. The combination of whole grains (gosh, I love spelt) and my baking process yields bread that strikes a chord with me: it has a particular flavor and texture I've been striving for in my sourdough baking for many years.

An ultra-tender crumb (see above) that's as soft as my resolve to stop eating a slice after I've probably had too many. But with that soft crumb comes a bottomless depth of flavor and a profoundly colored crust with a crunch like a boat churning through ice.

If there was a bread I'd say gets close to my "The Perfect Loaf" ideal, this may be it.


🍞 100% Einkorn

This isn't a 100% whole grain loaf, but einkorn is a healthful and nutritious grain replete with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Thankfully, all those health benefits bring with them an incredible flavor in tow.

Einkorn loaves are typically denser with a closed crumb but don't worry; this is one of the appeals of this bread. Like the knot a sailor prizes, the tight crumb makes for a filling and wholesome eating experience.


πŸ• A more whole wheat pizza

Pizza is always in at my house. And this sourdough pizza dough has a lot more whole grains yet still has a light and airy textureβ€”plus, the added whole wheat flour brings so much flavor.

In this recipe, I use a high-heat oven outside (yes, even in the cold), but you could also use this dough in your home oven.

I like to throw a few broccoli on top to make myself feel even better about it πŸ˜‰



Wishing you and your family a Happy (and healthful) New year,

Maurizio Leo

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Alternatively, there are still copies in stock at other retailers (like Barnes and Noble). Oh, and in my book I have several whole-grain recipes including a 100% whole wheat loaf that's sensational.