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🍞 My favorite holiday bread menu!

published4 months ago
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My Thanksgiving (or any holiday) bread menu


Nostalgia pajamas.

That's what I like to call those cozy and warm holiday food memories. The cold weather, the desire to do something a little extra, and a great meal shared with others seem to stick with you long after the dishes are done.

And what is the best part of any big mealβ€”is it the turkey, the cranberry sauce, or the salad?

Oh no, it's the breadβ€”and pieβ€”of course!

I'm talking about soft rolls, crunchy loaves, and a buttery, flaky pie crust. We seem to crave all these things during the cold monthsβ€”especially around the holidays. And for a good reason: they're delicious.

My holiday bread menu is no different. First, I turn to my soft, light, and delectable sourdough rolls. Then, a large and deeply-colored miche with layers and layers of flavor complexity. Finally, but without hesitation, a pieβ€”or even easier, a galette.

The following recipes have become automatic for me, the flannel pajamas I reach for when thinking about what I want to bake for friends and family gathered around the dinner table.

I hope they warm you up just the same.


🍞 Recipe: Super Soft Sourdough Rolls

I've made these rolls every holiday dinner since I created the recipe. They're the classic soft dinner roll but taken to the next level thanks to the tangzhong technique (softness!) and natural leavening (flavor!).

Oh, check out my latest YouTube video where I walk through making these rolls from start to finish over at the recipe:


🍞 Recipe: Flavorful Miche

Time and time again, I return to this large, crusty einkorn miche. It's a flavor powerhouse and makes an incredible statement on the dinner table.

If you don't have einkorn, feel free to swap the grain for spelt, Khorasan, or any whole wheat you have in your pantry.

(My kids dubbed this bread "moon bread" 🌝 on account of its size.)


🍞 Recipe: Starter Pie and Galette Crust

Since you have that sourdough starter out and ready for baking, why not use some of that discard in my pie/galette crust?

Save any starter discard in the fridge the days leading up to the big meal and use it to make this super flavorful crust.

It may sound strange to add sourdough to your pie crust, but believe me, once you try it, you may never go back.


🎁 One last thing: 2022 Baker's Gift Guide

If you're doing a little holiday shopping, check out my 2022 bread baker's gift guide for a list of my favorite baking tools this year!

There's sure to be something for the baker in your life πŸ™‚



Happy holidays!

Maurizio Leo

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