The Perfect Loaf 🍞 by Maurizio Leo

🍞 My custom bread flour and baguettes!

publishedabout 1 month ago
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TPL x Hayden Flour Mills & Baguettes

I've dreamt about creating my own custom flour for years.

What kind of flour varieties would I use? Would it be freshly milled? What ratio of whole grains and what kind of bread would it be designed for?

And the end of last year, I worked with Hayden Flour Mills, a grower, and miller in my neighboring state Arizona, to create a blend of flour designed to make sourdough bread (and other things!) I'm always striving for.

I used several varieties of their fresh stone-ground flour and, after many trials, landed on a blend of sifted hard red wheat, Rouge de Bordeaux type-85, and whole-grain Gazelle rye.

After blending those flours and pulling that test loaf from the oven, I knew I'd found what I was looking for.

My custom flour blend will get you bread that has a captivating aroma with a flavor that's complex, nutty, and a touch sweet. As you can see below, the crust is beautifully colored when baked boldly with a crispness and crunch that's the hallmark of any good sourdough bread. And to top it off, the blend of strong flour will get you an open and light interior that's tender when properly hydrated.

🍞 The Perfect Loaf x Hayden Flour Mills Custom Bread Flour and Recipe!

The flour is stone ground, freshly milled in small batches, and has an exquisite aroma and flavor. And to top it off, you don't have to worry about percentages or blending flour in your kitchen. Instead, simply open a bag of fresh flour, and you're ready to mix.

I hope you love this flour; it's something special!


Or, if you're looking for something different...

🍞 Sourdough Baguettes

Many of you asked for more baguette recipesβ€”and I'm working on this! Until then, have you seen my current sourdough baguettes?

It's a two-day fermented dough that results in baguettes that are perfect for the home baker with incredibly crispy crusts, open and light interior, and a depth of flavor you won't forget.

Give them a try!


Stay warm and happy baking,

Maurizio Leo

P.S. Because it's freezing cold just about everywhere right now, be sure to keep that dough warm with my best tips!