The Perfect Loaf 🍞 by Maurizio Leo

🍞 Golden bread, chocolate, and jars!

publishedabout 1 month ago
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Golden bread, chocolate, and jars!

I was a bit nervous developing this Pane Siciliano recipe.

I feel like I've tried so many varieties of grain in so many different ways, but never a loaf made from all durum flour.

Would the dough be workable?

How would the bread taste?

As it turns out, the dough was glorious. And the bread? It was even more glorious-er.

See below:

🍞 Pane Siciliano

This golden, nutty, and tender bread is similar to those found in Sicily. Unfortunately, I've never been fortunate enough to visit that far south in Italy (so close, though!), so in the meantime, I'll be living that trip vicariously through this bread.

It has a closed, soft, and satiny crumb and thin, crispy crust thanks to three things:

  • all that durum flour
  • a moderately-high hydration
  • olive oil in the dough

This bread is so delicious, and it'll surprise you with its flavor and texture. So put all worries aside and bake this recipe!

❤️ Chocolate + Bread Dough = Magic

I developed this recipe over a year ago, and it's a bread that is so far out there it makes a statement.

I couldn't think of anything better for Valentine's Day than gifting this decadent, sweet (but not too sweet), and visually arresting loaf to someone.

I did this last year and just did it again yesterday.

Seriously, if you make this, you won't stop eating it (in other words, make two: one to gift, one to eat).

Happy Valentine's and happy baking, everyone!

Maurizio Leo

P.S. If you've read this far and realized I didn't talk about the "jars" in the email subject, well, you caught me! I recently wrote about why a particular Weck jar is so good for your sourdough starter. If you have them, you know; if you don't, read why you might want one.