The Perfect Loaf 🍞 by Maurizio Leo

🍞 Cookbook sneak peek and a big giveaway!

published5 months ago
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Cookbook Sneak Peek and a Big Giveaway!

Hiya, Reader—

First, if you've already pre-ordered my book: thank you! Pre-orders really help first-time authors—I'm very grateful for your support.

And we're only a few weeks away from publication day on November 8th!

But before The Big Day™, two big things just for you:

1️⃣ I've put together a sneak peek of the book

Many asked if they could see more about the book; well, here's a first look inside the book!

Oh, and the pre-order bonuses are STILL available (but not for long)!

If you haven't yet pre-ordered, now's the time 🙌🏼

2️⃣ I've partnered with Cairnspring Mills on a baker's giveaway

The giveaway has four winners, and prizes include their excellent flour, a collection of my favorite baking tools, a signed copy of my book, a subscription to the TPL Membership, and more.

🙏🏼 Thank you so much for supporting my book, and fingers crossed for you on the giveaway (I wish I could enter, too).

Thank you, as always, for reading. Happy baking.

Maurizio Leo

P.S. In the cookbook sneak peek, you'll get a sense of just how big my cookbook is: it's wider and taller than most cookbooks, and it weighs in at 1,999 grams (yes, being the diligent baker that I am, I just had to weigh it)! I really mixed all my baking knowledge into this one 🙂